Soup of the day

Braised lamb breast, Cavolo Nero, salt baked baby beets, pickled kohlrabi, onion puree, red wine jus


Braised beef brisket tortellini, sage beurre noisette, dried leeks, parmesan crisp, red amaranth, crispy pancetta


Seared scallops, celeriac puree, pangratatto, parmesan foam, roasted cauliflower


Courgette & feta croquettes, minted Greek yoghurt, pickled cucumber


Grilled vegetable terrine, goats cheese mousse, saffron & garlic emulsion, black garlic flakes, roast almond salsa


Mussels, white wine, parsley & garlic


Corn fed chicken breast, Cavolo Nero, curried sweet potato puree, confit celeriac, spiced peanut salsa


10oz Rib-eye steak, braised balsamic onions, sauce Diane, rocket, fries



Roasted duck breast, pak-choi, caponata, celeriac & dill puree, fig & vin santo jus


Stuffed smoked aubergine, mulled pomegranate seeds, almond & chilli yoghurt, pomegrantegel, feta crumble


Chilled mixed bean salad, fried polenta, black olive tapenade, goats cheese mousse, coriander cress


Salted cod fillet, fried mangetout, chestnut mushrooms & smoked pancetta, sun dried tomato puree, crispy kale, salsa verde


Red mullet fillets, seasonal vegetable tagliatelle, deep fried mussels, onion puree, torched sweetcorn, herb oil




Side dishes from £4.00 each


Buttered new potatoes

Spring vegetables in herb butter

Rocket, cherry tomato & pickled cucumber salad